Art Therapy

with Children

Imagine waking up one morning and finding that your ability to express yourself was limited to one-syllable words like “fine”, “good”, “bad”, “owee” or “yucky”. As well as struggling with a limited vocabulary, you discover you have shrunk in stature and everyone around you seems to be a giant in comparison. It becomes very challenging to make sense of the world around you and because you are so small that you have very little power to make decisions for yourself.

Now imagine you are experiencing a complex challenge that is interfering with your natural capacity to grow and develop. Where can you find the support and help you need?

Art therapy provides a safe space where children can express themselves, in a way that is sensitive to their unique developmental stage and style of communication.

Art therapy provides children with valuable coping tools to face the many challenges of growing and developing. It supports emotional development and can provide an outlet for difficult feelings. The creative process also fosters a child’s ability to communicate with others while developing both self awareness and personal growth.

Expressive art activities help to build a sense of self-efficacy, a positive attitude, and personal empowerment, while providing opportunities to relax and make positive choices. Exposure to new interests and skills builds a child’s self-awareness and pride in his or her individuality and uniqueness. In the art therapy process, children are encouraged to represent their thoughts and feelings visually, giving expression to conflicts, wishes and memories. Utilizing their artwork and verbalizations, they are helped to understand how they function as individuals and as part of a family and wider community.

Art therapy is a unique non-threatening approach that uses art material, images, and discussion to help children heal and grow. This child-centred approach to personal growth can help children resolve a wide variety of emotional, behavioral, educational, and social problems.

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