ArtWorks Studio

ArtWorks Studio is a community-based art therapy studio committed to providing opportunities for personal growth through creative self expression for individuals who experience a wide range of mental illness.

Art Therapy can incorporate a wide range of creative activities such as art, dance, poetry, storytelling and music that historically were more integrated into traditional community life. These activities are now experiencing revitalization and are being embraced for their shared quality of inviting creativity to be part of everyones life experience. Expressive art making in a community based studio environment invites a deeper sense of connection to self, to others and to the world in which we all live.

Creativity is not dependent upon having a specific skill or talent; it is a human capacity which is available to each person for health and wellness. By tapping into our creativity we are able to access aspects of our selves which can be a source of pleasure, wisdom and guidance. Creative activity also invites a greater awareness of both emotions and thoughts; this deeper connection to self can lead to greater self acceptance and an enhanced sense of meaning and purpose in our lives.

Our approach to image making and creative activity places the emphasis on the creative act and the experience of the process rather than on the product that results from the action.

A wide variety of groups, workshops and open studios are offered to invite an exploration of the various art media and forms of creative expression. This allows for each person to explore their own unique creative style in diverse media. It also encourages experimentation and exploration of diverse art forms which can often provide different experiences. For example, moving and responding to the rhythm and sounds of a particular piece of music may invite a powerful connection to ones senses and physical self while writing a poem may provide a more solitary and self reflective experience. These diverse art forms provide different experiences and can be called on in the service of personal growth and self expression.

Participation in the arts essentially involves a process of turning within to find inspiration from ones own experience and then expressing it by giving it form, movement, words or sound. While inviting a deeper sense of connection with self this process can also result in a deeper sense of connection with the world. Creativity supports and enhances the process of expressing, releasing and letting go. This creates space for new things to emerge, new ways of seeing, thinking and experiencing ones life.
In this way, engaging in creative activity can be a pathway to personal transformation.

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, find opportunity. – Albert Einstein

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