Art therapy workshops are available upon request. Creating art in a group, whether over a period of hours or days, allows for the formation of a special holding space where each person is invited to look within and bring forth their own unique images and metaphors.

We discovered that using movement, visual art, sound and journal writing in sequence with very little verbalization helped us tap into our unconscious and our archetypal persona, bringing insight to our personal issues… We created a safe, non-judgmental environment, giving people both stimulus and permission to take off their social masks to discover inner truths. The creative process is a life force energy. If offered in a safe, empathic, non-judgmental environment, it is a transformative process for constructive change. – Natalie Rogers, Ph.D.

Drawing from Within
Spontaneous Process Image Making
Bridges, Pathways and Thresholds
Reclaiming the Crone
Art Therapy for Elders
Art and Soul Journeys
Mask Making
Creating Mandalas
Caring for the Caregivers
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